I quit the gym for my wedding

A few weeks ago, Mason and I sat down and created a preliminary budget for our wedding. We had an aggressive savings goal to work toward and we agreed we weren’t going to have a huge, fancy, expensive wedding. An hour later, we realized a wedding doesn’t have to be huge or fancy to be expensive.

According to The Knot, the average couple spent more than $33,000 on their wedding in 2017. It sounds insane, but it’s normal. Actually, it might even be on the low-end of what it costs to have a wedding in Seattle. We cut everything we felt wasn’t essential, but there remained a sizeable gap between our savings goal and the estimated cost of our March 2019 wedding.

So, sacrifices were made. And against the advice of every bridal article ever written, I canceled my gym membership at Orange Theory. Savings over sweating.

My new fitness plan is to go on power walks with my coworkers during lunch as much as possible given Seattle’s wet weather. Also, scoping out new fitness studios that are offering introductory classes or specials, finding free community fitness classes, and opting for jogs around Green Lake more than boozy brunches (RIP). I also joined Beachbody on Demand because it’s low-cost, mobile, and has a lot of variety in the programs offered, which should help me avoid boredom.

So far, I’m doing OK with this new plan. The motivation to get up and GO is lacking (I’m currently sitting on the couch rather than doing day three of PiYo) but I’m determined to find the self-discipline to make fitness a priority. If you have creative ideas on how I can pull this off, I’m all ears!


6 thoughts on “I quit the gym for my wedding

  1. Veronica says:

    I swapped my gym membership for a Beachbody on Demand subscription before my wedding too, and honestly it worked out really well! My now-husband and I woke up every morning and did one of the 21-Day Fix workouts together in the months leading up to our wedding day and we really liked it. The other thing I did was take advantage of friends’ gym memberships by having them get me a free trial pass and joining them for workouts. I feel your pain, Seattle weddings are suuuuper expensive – we were proud of ourselves for staying under $30k (which would have sounded crazy to me before I actually planned a wedding!).

  2. Courtney says:

    I think this is a great plan – honestly, right before we got married, I overdid the gym and I think my adrenals were fatigued. Speaking as a fitness instructor, I still think running/walking outside, body weight exercises and free workouts online (have you checked out Tone It Up?) are awesome! Plus, I love finding inspiration for workouts on Instagram.

  3. Sonia Carlson says:

    Proud of you, lady! It takes commitment and bravery to go against the flow and stay active in ways that are meaningful to you (and save money!) Huge fan of saving money.
    Guess what, in the summer months (May-Aug) I do FREE Saturday morning workouts in West Seattle parks! See you there?! 😉

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