The struggle of a new routine

You know that feeling when your life is in flow and things come together almost effortlessly? Yeah, me either. Especially after all that fell apart over the last two months. I’m struggling to establish a new routine.

Maybe it’s over-dramatic to say things fell apart, but there were definitely enough little things coming into play to totally throw a wrench in the momentum I built during January and February.

The Transcending Waves planner

The Transcending Waves Planner (promo code below) is based on positive-psychology that propels you toward an improved quality of life and achieving your goals.

It started when I got sick after our engagement party and spent a few days on the couch watching Vanderpump Rules. My exercise and healthy eating routines were the first to go. Seasonal allergies hit next and definitely didn’t help motivate me to get back into the swing of things. Next, I accepted a new job and had to say goodbye to my wonderful work family. Except during my last week they were almost all laid off and I was told I could also be done working for the company. Cue the tequila and tears.

During the 10 days between leaving my last job and starting my new one, I traveled to San Francisco and also spent time in my hometown with my family — essentially living out of a suitcase for a week. Also, I turned 30. Cue more tears. What can I say? Transitions are tough for me.

There wasn’t much consistency in my day-to-day life and I felt a little apathetic. Small things can quickly pile up and knock you off balance before you realize what is happening. But after finishing my first week at my new job, I identified what was going on and decided to start the month of May with a new foundation.

Daily Review

The daily check-ins are key

The Transcending Waves Planner (scroll down for a promo code) is helping me do this by providing an organized, attractive space to dissect different aspects of my life and lay it out in a more thoughtful, introspective way. I like how it has monthly, weekly, and daily pages to provide a broader look at my life while keeping things in perspective with daily check-ins.

My goals range from small things like drinking more water every day to big things like plan, execute, and pay-for a wedding that’s less than a year away. Using positive psychology techniques, the planner is organized in such a way that I feel guided toward gratitude, mindfullness, and effortless productivity.

Also, the book itself just feels good in my hands. I chose the blue leather binding and like the aesthetic and structure it provides.

Week at a glance

I love the weekly overview

The thing I like most about this planner, though, is how it changed my perspective about routines. For me, a routine isn’t about self-discipline and rules. It’s really about self-care. I feel better and do better when I’m able to thoughtfully plan and make decisions for my life. Wish me luck navigating the month of May. 🙂

Head over to Transcending Waves to learn more about the planner and use code CMW10 for 10 percent off your own planner.


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