Wedding Update: We have a photographer!

Happy #WeddingWednesday — it’s good to be back!

We are 185 days away from the wedding and officially moving full speed ahead. Here is what we locked down so far:

  • Date
  • Venue
  • Wedding party

Yes, we finally locked down our second major vendor and are so excited about the photographer we chose, Kailee Elizabeth Photography. You’ll remember her from our engagement photoshoot.

Home engagement session 6

Photo by Kailee Elizabeth Photography

I met Kailee through a local community of women business owners/entrepreneurs/bloggers/creatives. She is so warm and chatty (in the BEST way) it felt like we were old friends catching up after a few years apart. We had a great time during our photoshoot and loved the photos so much we decided to seriously consider her for our wedding, too.

I noticed people really freak out about photography at weddings. They get super serious about it and invest heavily in it — often with breathtaking results. I get it. Photos are the only thing that will last, you’ll be all done-up to the nines looking like a flawless goddess, etc. and I do want great photos of my wedding day. But I also want them to look like us and it feels like a lot of modern wedding photography is more about capturing something you’ll want to Instagram than capturing your souls connecting.


Photo by Kailee Elizabeth Photography

Our approach to doing this wedding thing is to make it reflect us as individuals and as a couple. We’re having a small wedding with the people who know us best and want that comfort and love and connection to come through in our photos. Kailee can do that in such a beautiful, natural way. We were sold as soon as she shared this awesome gallery from the Ferro wedding. Do you see those moments she captured? Amaze.

What did you like/dislike about your wedding photos? What would you change? Are you the kind of bride that wants 75 glamour shots of your face? Or do you love the pictures that catch you mid-laugh with your mouth wide open and your nose wrinkled?


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