About this blog:

Having a blog and expecting people to read it feels like the most awkward and conceited thing in the world. I am so uncomfortable and I might be terrible at this. But, if you’re willing to give me a chance, I’ll do all I can to make this a worthwhile experience for the both of us.

About me: 

Pacific Northwest born and raised with short-lived early adulthood stints in Idaho and California. What can I say? I need the rain and the saltwater.

When I was little, I liked to play dress-up and narrate my autobiography in my head. It was like having a blog, I suppose. But silent. And private.

Being second oldest of five girls and part of a blended, multi-cultural family gave me a heart for female empowerment and social justice. That doesn’t mean I’m perfect at it or preachy about it. I just try to feed my passion and hope the example I set can motivate and help others.

I want to share things that will help you cultivate your own style of life. Do you have something to share? I want to know! You can find me on social media or contact me here.